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The 2022-23 Application for the Tutor-a-Bull program will be open soon. Please check back in August!

The Tutor-a-Bull program strives to increase motivation for learning by providing academic support to struggling middle and high school students in Hillsborough County. USF education majors serve as paid Tutor-A-Bull tutors who regularly work with students to provide a more individualized learning experience.  

Created in 2007 by Mr. Olin Mott (1921-2013), the Tutor-a-Bull program is a partnership that provides aspiring USF teachers with one-on-one, small group, and classroom experience. Over the past decade, Tutor-a-Bull has served more than 4,000 students by providing almost 70,000 hours of individualized instruction in reading and math, conducted by more than 900 Tutor-a-Bull teachers-in-training.


If you are interested in joining the Tutor-a-Bull program, be sure you are able to answer yes to the following:

  • I am enrolled in the USF College of Education. If not, please be ready to explain your interest in teaching and working with adolescent learners. The preference is to hire College of Education students, but others may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • I am enrolled in at least one course for this semester at USF.
  • I have access to get to-and-from the school I am assigned to tutor.
  • I am available to tutor for at least 10 hours each week.
  • I am eager to develop my skills as an educator through Tutor-a-Bull.
  • I am ready to positively influence a student's academic interest and ability through the Tutor-a-Bull program.

If you answered yes to all questions, then apply to this rewarding program! Tutors will be paid $15.00 an hour. If your application is accepted, both new and returning tutors must attend an orientation session. 

For more information about the Tutor-a-Bull Program, please contact us at  

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Note: Due to work visa restrictions, international students are not eligible to work for our program.

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