Faculty Profiles

Dr. Leia K. Cain

Instructor I, Educational Measurement and research

Leia Cain

Email: lkcain@usf.edu
Office: USF Tampa campus EDU 367
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Cain examines ethics in research practice, how researcher identity is present in each step of the research process, and LGBTQ+ populations within research and education. She primarily utilizes qualitative and mixed methods research. Her areas of expertise include critical methods, narrative methods, interview methods, queer and feminist methods, and integration of qualitative and quantitative data and methods. 

Dr. Cain has presented at conferences in the United States, Japan, and Trinidad and Tobago. 


  • EDF 4430: Measurement for Teachers
  • EDF 4490: Studies in Research Design
  • EDF 6432: Foundations of Measurement
  • EDF 6481: Foundations of Research
  • EDF 7477: Qualitative Research in Education 1
  • EDF 7478: Qualitative Research in Education 2
  • EDF 7910: Directed Research: Measurement & Evaluation
  • EDG 7931: Selected Topics: Survey Methods

Selected Publications

Cain, L. K., and Velasco, J. C.* (2020). Stranded at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and autism: Gray’s story. Disability & Society.

Denton, J. M., and Cain, L. K. (2020). The impact of the gender binary on two transitioning trans men in campus housing. The Journal of College and University Student Housing.

Sherry, M. B., Agosto, V., Blank, J., Braun, A., Cain, L., Feldman, A., Jung, K., & Wolgemuth, J. (2020). On being a methodologist in 5Ws +H. Research in the Schools, 21(1).

Cain, L. K., MacDonald, A.,* Coker, J.*, Velasco, J. C.,* and West, G. D., * (2019). Ethics and reflexivity in mixed methods research: An examination of current practices and a call for further discussion. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches, 11(2).

Cain, L. K., and Varga, B. A. *(2019). Crusading into the unknown: Finding and using LGBTQ primary sources in teacher preparation. In Brant, C. A. R., and Willox, L. (Eds.), Teaching the teachers: LGBTQ issues in teacher education.

MacDonald, A. L.,* Cain, L. K., and Velasco, J. C.* (2019). Performing the invisible: A poem about and from invisible insiders. The Currere Exchange Journal, 3(1), p. 1-4.

Coker, J., M.* and Cain, L. K. (2018). Southern disclosure: One Southern-and-queer middle school teacher’s narrative. Middle Grades Review, 4(3).

Cain, L. K. (2018). Invited book review: Bisexuality in education: Erasure, exclusion and the absence of intersectionality by Pallotta-Chiarolli. Journal of LGBT Youth. doi:10.1080/19361653.2018.1524323

Greer, F. W., DiStefano, C. A., Liu, J,, and Cain, L. K. (2015). Preliminary psychometric evidence of the Behavioral and Emotional Screening System Teacher Rating Scale–Preschool. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 40(4), p. 240-246.