Internship Requirements

Disclosure of Arrest or Conviction

Any student who has an arrest record and who seeks admission to an initial certification program must disclose the arrest record on the Application for Admission to the College of Education. This includes, but is not limited to, juvenile arrests, dismissed charges, and/or sealed records. If the student does not disclose the information and it is later determined that the candidate was not truthful, he/she shall be administratively dismissed from the College of Education.

Any student who is seeking admission to an initial certification program in the College of Education and has an arrest record or conviction must meet with the designated personnel in the College of Education Office of Student Academic Services to determine if school districts or placement sites will allow placement and if the Florida Department of Education will issue a certificate. If it is determined that the student cannot be placed or receive a professional certificate, the student's admission request will be denied, or the student will be administratively dismissed from the College of Education at the conclusion of the semester.

Students must also supply this information to the state when applying for a professional certificate. School districts have the right to obtain information regarding sealed, expunged, and/or juvenile records.

If a student has an arrest record or if he or she incurs one, the following information applies:

Upon applying for admission into the College of Education, students will be required to include in their application packets:

  1. A detailed letter explaining the nature of the arrest, the circumstances related to the arrest, final disposition, and any conditions set by the court.
  2. Certified copies of court records, which must include arrest record/s, and any documents related to the disposition of the case. (This information can be obtained through the Clerk of the Courts for the town/county where the offense/s occurred.)
    • The College of Education cannot guarantee a placement for the final internship or practicum.
    • The College of Education cannot guarantee that at the completion of the student's academic program that he or she will receive a Florida Professional Certificate. (These decisions are made by the Education Standards Commission of the Florida Department of Education.)
    • The College of Education cannot guarantee that the states with which Florida has reciprocity will issue a professional certificate.
    • Students are advised to contact the district(s) in which they wish to seek future employment to investigate their respective personnel hiring procedures.

It is important that students retain a personal copy of all of the documents that are submitted to Student Academic Services and/or their Academic Program/Departments because the same documents will have to be presented to the school district(s) to which employment is being sought.


Any student who is arrested after being admitted to the College of Education must notify the Clinical Education Coordinator within 48 hours of the arrest. The candidate may not begin or continue a field experience until he/she has met with the Clinical Education Coordinator. If the student does not notify the Coordinator, the student will be administratively dismissed from the course and receive a "U/F" grade in the course. If a student is administratively dismissed from the internship, and/or practicum there will be no refund of tuition and costs as all refunds are regulated by University policy.


If a student is arrested he/she should not report to the school site and should call the appropriate personnel at the school and the university indicating that he/she will not be in attendance. If the placement site requires removal from the experience, the student will be required to meet with appropriate College of Education personnel to determine when the problem will be resolved. Until the problem is resolved, the student will not be allowed to resume the experience. It will be determined by the Clinical Education Coordinator in coordination with the instructor whether the student will be permitted to drop the course or receive a final grade.