Internship Requirements

ESOL Field Experience

Many of our graduates will satisfy requirements toward eligibility of an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). One of the requirements for the ESOL endorsement is the ESOL Late Field Experience.

Late Field Experience Step-by-Step

  • Review the ESOL Endorsement Requirements  information
  • Print a copy of the ESOL Late Field Experience form 
  • Ask your Cooperating teacher to initial the ESOL Performance Standards that were met
  • Ask your USF Internship Supervisor to sign the document
  • Include the document in  ESOL Chalk and Wire (C&W) Binder
    • Scan the document and upload to C&W 
    • Also, submit a copy to Dr. Phil Smith to verify

ESOL Late Field Experience Requirements

Students must document that they have successfully taught in a classroom where there was at least one ESOL Student. ESOL competencies include planning, implementing, and evaluating instruction for one or more students over a series of weeks (min. 2 weeks). To document the completion of the minimum performance standards required in this field experience, the students use the Late Field Experience Form.

The field experience can start at any time after the ESOL 1 course, and up to through their final internship.

In an ideal late field experience/internship situation, the student-teacher will be placed in a classroom with an ESOL-endorsed cooperating teacher and one or more ESOL students. Student-teachers are placed in a classroom with the appropriate ESOL conditions by their internship supervisor.

If the placements do not meet these requirements, students must inform the person or office that placed them as well as the ESOL office administrator for special arrangements.

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