Internship Requirements


All students in educator preparation programs will participate in field experiences (time in the public classroom) as a component of their degree programs. Time spent in field experiences will prepare students for the dynamic educational environments they can expect to encounter as professionals.

A field experience may also be referred to as: a practicum, early field experience, methods course, level one or level two internship, microteach, or pre-internship; but all students will perform a final internship, generally in their last semester, in which they will be responsible for performing all of the duties of a classroom teacher.

Be prepared for your first field experience and final internship:

• If required complete the fingerprinting/background check process
• Obtain student liability insurance
• Check out the Internship FAQ
• Be aware of Internship Policies and Internship Forms & Guidelines

Throughout these experiences, certain expectations are essential to success. Learn more about the Professional Disposition and Ethical Practices Standards from the Ethics and Conduct page.

For any questions related to early field experience, please contact your program coordinator.

For final internship and fingerprinting/background checks please contact Jordan Gravlee at