Internship Requirements

Internship Forms & Guidelines

College of Education Petition

This form allows undergraduate students in the College of Education to request an exemption/modification from the academic policies within the College of Education. Students may request a second internship experience or request permission to take a course along with final internship by completing this form.

College of Education Undergraduate & Graduate Petition 


Collaborating teachers may request a tuition waiver for supervising pre-interns (a student in USF’s College of Education engaged in required early field experience prior to their final internship) and/or final interns (a student in USF’s College of Education enrolled in final internship).

Collaborating teachers should submit tuition waiver requests at least three weeks prior to the first day of the semester in which they plan to use the waiver.

Please visit the USF academic calendar for information on semester start dates. 

Paid Internship Guidelines and Forms

This form allows graduate students to request to complete their final internship in an eligible full-time teaching position they currently hold or one in which they are being offered.

The school where the student is requesting to complete their final internship must be accredited and the assigned teacher/mentor must meet one of the requirements below:

  • The assigned teacher/mentor must have successfully taught for at least three years, taken the state approved certified training and is certified in the candidate's area of specialization.
  • The assigned teacher/mentor must have completed a Mentor Teacher Program approved by the district

Paid Internship Request 

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