Internship Requirements

Internship Forms & Guidelines

^ College of Education Petition Guidelines and Forms

Use this if you are a student requesting a second internship experience or requesting permission to take a course along with final internship.

^ Tuition Waiver for Supervision

Teachers, supervisors, and preceptors can use this form to record their supervision hours and request a tuition waiver

^ Paid Internship Guidelines and Forms

What is a paid internship? Graduate students or undergraduate students who are earning a second bachelor's degree may request to complete their final internship in an eligible full-time teaching position they currently hold or one in which they are being offered.

What are the requirements to request a paid internship? The school where the student is requesting to complete their final internship must be accredited and the assigned teacher/mentor must meet one of the requirements below:

If you qualify fill out and submit this form.

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