Internship Requirements

Final Internship Information

Welcome final interns, program faculty, clinical supervisors, and collaborating teachers! Below is information and resources to assist you during your internship experience.

Interns, please read all of this information carefully. For more information, please contact your academic advisor in Student Academic Services

Table of Contents

Program Contacts for Final Internship

Counselor Education Cindy Topdemir
Early Childhood Education Sophia Han
Elementary Education:
Margaret Krause 

Elementary Education:
Masters of Arts in Teaching

Katie Tricarico
Middle Grades Math/Science:
Helios Middle School Residency Program
Cheryl Ellerbrock
Music Education Jennifer Bugos
Physical Education Sarah Flory
Secondary Education
(English, Foreign Language, Math,
Science and Social Studies)
Laura Sabella
Special Education Elizabeth Doone



Be sure to register for the appropriate number of credit hours for internship. If you are unsure about how many hours for which you should register, please contact your academic advisor in Student Academic Services (EDU 106, 813-974-2979).

College of Education Final Internship Handbook

The College of Education Final Internship Handbook outlines college-wide guidelines and policies pertinent to all programs and internship stakeholders. Each program will also provide an internship guide, handbook, or syllabus what will outline specific program expectations, activities, and program specific policies for your internship experience. ALL interns are required to read the College of Education Final Internship Handbook.

College of Education Final Internship Handbook 

Internship Event Schedule

View the Spring 2019 Final Internship Important Dates and Deadlines

Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) Requirements

Interns must pass both FTCE subject and professional area tests prior to completing their final internship and before graduation. A copy of your passing FTCE subject and professional area tests scores must be received by your Academic Advisor in Student Academic Services by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to commencement.

Any intern who does not submit passing FTCE Professional and Subject Area Exam scores to their Academic Advisor in Student Academic Services Office, EDU 106, prior to commencement will not be cleared to graduate. It takes several weeks to receive your official FTCE test scores. Please make sure to register early so that you have enough time to receive your passing FTCE scores by the indicated deadline.

Visit the USF FTCE Support Resource Website

Certification and Job Resources

Here you will find information about the teacher certification process as well as resources for obtaining a teaching position upon completion of your program. 

Final Summative Evaluation

All final interns will be evaluated throughout the internship using the Danielson Framework and Rubric from Hillsborough County Public Schools. A final summative evaluation report will be prepared by the collaborating teacher and university supervisor, and this evaluation will be shared with the intern and the Office of Continuous Improvement and Support. The final summative evaluation report will be submitted through Chalk and Wire:

Chalk and Wire

IMPORTANT: All interns will need to have an active Chalk and Wire account. If you need to renew your Chalk and Wire, follow the link to the College of Education Chalk and Wire page.

Chalk and Wire Help Desk
Location: EDU 262
Phone: 813-974-4422

Cooperating/Collaborating/Professional Practice Partner - Tuition Waiver for Supervision Guidelines and Procedures

In recognition for their dedicated work with a USF Final Intern, host teachers are eligible to receive a tuition waiver for six credit hours of tuition credit at any Florida state university in one semester. To obtain your tuition waiver, visit this page and download the Intern Certificate of Participation Guidelines and Procedures for Pre-Service Collaborating Teachers and the Certificate of Participation Requisition form. Follow the instructions provided to complete and submit the requisition form. Note the deadlines to submit these forms each semester.

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