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The goal of the Community Sustainability Partnership Program (CSPP) is to advance the livability and sustainability objectives of the community partner by engaging University faculty and students, through their coursework, in projects of strategic importance to the community.

Benefits of Participation

  • Community partners receive a high return on investment with thousands of work-hours dedicated to high-priority projects in their communities.
  • Community partners gain access to the depth and range of knowledge, innovation, and expertise at USF.
  • Communities often gain positive media attention, resulting in a greater volume of visitors, tourists, and investors.
  • A vast array of possibilities will be explored, which may enable the completion of projects whose feasibility would otherwise be limited due to staff capacity, time constraints, or budget limitations.

Additional Benefits for Communities

  • Moving Projects Forward
  • Testing Riskier Ideas
  • Sustainability Overlay
  • Engaging Marginalized Groups
  • Material for Future Grant Submission
  • Internal and External Engagement Energy
  • Outreach and Increased Capacity
  • Expanded Breadth of Conversation
  • Well trained students that are the next generation of people entering public service


 Become the next CSPP community partner!

Selection of the CSPP community partner involves a competitive application process that results in one partnership over the course of an academic year (August-May). Community partners will benefit from thousands of hours of innovative applied research conducted by students under faculty supervision over a broad range of disciplines.

Request for Applications for the 2019-20 year are now open!

Please review the complete, summarized RFA document and submit your RFA to CSPP Coordinator Mazi Ferguson no later than Friday, March 29, 2019 at 5pm.