Embracing CSPP throughout university courses is an effective way to foster critical thinking and intellectual inquiry among students, while honing applied research skills in particular areas of interest. Applying classroom theory to community-identified livability projects in a multi-dimensional approach to problem solving, benefits professors, students, and communities. Faculty involvement with CSPP functions in an opt-in model. In collaboration with CSPP staff and the community partner, support, information, and infrastructure is provided to make a CSPP project a drop-in for your existing course. Professors who integrate CSPP into their courses will determine, in collaboration with the community partner, the form of the final product. Such products may include, but are not limited to, a written report, a presentation, or a design model.

Benefits for Faculty

Opportunities for Faculty

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For more information on how to get involved, please contact Mazi Ferguson at (813)974-0697 or email mferguson1@usf.edu