What Are They Saying?

"Students in my Land Use Planning class composed comprehensive plan amendments for the City of Dunedin, to help put it in compliance with the state’s Peril of Flood Act (2015). The program was a great experience for the students, and made possible by the CSPP through transportation and other resources, including supporting a student to write the final report (with all of the students in the class as co-authors). I would highly recommend this program for anyone interested in providing practical and relevant community-engaged endeavors for their students."

 - Dr. Mark Hafen


"My students partnered with the City of Dunedin to consider how climate change and sea level rise would impact residents. Students learned from professional experts in the city's employ, but also conducted independent research on alternative solutions for infrastructure improvements. Students were entrusted with the task of figuring out how to communicate to residents about the hazards they faced in their coastal town, and the actions they could take to mitigate some of the risk. CSPP presented my students with a great opportunity to learn by doing, and the satisfaction of seeing their efforts make a difference in the local community. As a faculty member, service-learning gave more meaning to my teaching practice and I benefited, too, from the connections gained by participating in the program."

 - Dr. Catherine Wilkins


"My graduate level Community Development class divided into groups to cover different aspects of affordable housing. Thanks to the resources of CSPP, we could arrange travel to the community, and I was able to pay a student to help me write up the report. Our work was presented to the City Commission which is now pursuing new affordable housing strategies. The project was also beneficial to students, some of whom are now using the knowledge gained in this project in their jobs. I also found it helpful in developing new research interests in affordable housing."

 - Dr. Elizabeth Strom