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Service-Learning Boot Camp

Inaugural Service-Learning Boot  Camp



Congratulations to the participants in our Service-Learning Boot Camp! Throughout the five-day workshop, faculty participants learned how to successfully design and teach a service-learning course, from crafting a syllabus to identifying community partners. Our facilitator Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman and the OCEP team look forward to seeing this high-impact learning practice in action across campus! Participants included:

Patricia Anzalone
Dora Arreola
Andrea Assaf
Chantale Begin
Deborah Bowen
Judith Bryant
Sara Callahan
Jennifer Collins
Earl Conteh-Morgan
Michael Cross
Donna D'Ambrosio
Tara Deubel
Elizabeth Dunn
Danielle Farrar
John Figueroa
Sara Flory
Kara Fulton
Honda Meng
Vicky Phares
Lori Rogovin
Donald Saunders
Andrea Smith
Xigrid Soto
John Sullivan
Caroline Twachtman
Janelle Wells
Milton Wendland
Catherine Wilkins