Community-Engaged Scholarship: A Comprehensive Bibliography

Coming soon! ...

... a comprehensive EndNote-based bibliography of community-engaged scholarship (CES). The CES bibliography will be available online, and users can search through the bibliographic data for books and thousands of articles from scholarly journals devoted specifically to university–community engagement. The intended audience of the CES bibliography is university faculty and students from all disciplines as well as community/civic engagement office staff and community partners who are interested in community-engaged scholarship and learning more about best practices in university–community engagement from the published research literature. The CES bibliography will be a valuable tool for interested in situating their work within the existing research literature as well as finding out what has already been researched, written about, and published in regard to university–community engagement.

Faculty and researchers interested in university–community engagement come from a broad spectrum of disciplines and departments. Often the journals they follow are specific to their disciplines, and they are not aware of journals devoted to community engagement or of the depth of library resources in the area of community engagement. The compilation of a comprehensive bibliography of community-engaged scholarship will introduce scholars and practitioners to books and journal articles that they might not be currently aware of, thus fostering more frequent use and citation of community engaged scholarship. Potential future impacts include increasing the production and publication of new scholarship, as scholars and practitioners learn of more books and journals that specialize in community-engaged scholarship; disseminating CES more widely to advance the scholarly conversation and practice of community engagement across disciplines; and improving the overall practice of university–community engagement.

Specific to faculty, the CES bibliography can also be used to inform tenure and promotion (T&P) review committees about relevant community engaged scholarship journals. Like many faculty focused only on their own discipline, members of T&P review committees might be unfamiliar with CES journals and might not recognize the importance of a T&P applicant's CES publication outlets.