Feature Stories

A Multimodal Approach to State Road 580 in Dunedin


On Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 USF graduate students traveled to Dunedin to present their research and recommendations to the City Commission on multimodal transportation analysis along the SR580 corridor between the intersections of Keene Road and Belcher Road. As part of the Community Sustainability Partnership Program (CSPP), the project was completed in Multimodal Transportation Planning, a graduate leveling planning course taught by Kristine Williams, AICP.


Throughout the semester, students evaluated the existing conditions along the corridor; proposed corridor management, land use, and complete street concepts; and identified implementations strategies for improving the compatibility of a multimodal transit network along the corridor. 

The groups from the class offered a range of options for improving the mobility, livability, and economic vitality along the SR580 corridor. Their recommendations for improving the corridor focused on safety, connectivity, vitality, and choice of transit options along the corridor and surrounding area. Specific implementation strategies included expanding sidewalks and bike lanes, narrowing vehicle lanes, creating a dedicated transit lane, implementing a form-based code, and installing a planted median along the corridor. Overall, the students' recommendations were well received by the City Commission, which plans to implement these recommendations into future short-term and long-term transportation plans.