Tenure and Promotion

The revision of the USF T&P Guidelines necessitates that each unit (college, department) consider how to incorporate community engagement and community engaged scholarship into their unit-specific T&P guidelines. Incorporation of community engagement into T&P guidelines requires changes in language in the documents and, most importantly, changes in practice as T&P applicants submit their portfolios that may include community engaged activities in the areas of teaching, research, creative activities, and service, and as peer review committees evaluate such portfolios.

This webpage links to a broad array of resources that will facilitate the development of guidelines and practice, from the USF Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships, national organizations, and major research universities, including specific disciplines.

  • For quick overviews of definitions of community engaged teaching (service-learning), click here.
  • For an overview of community engaged research/scholarship, click here.
  • For a general introduction and overview of community engaged scholarship, considerations for T&P guidelines, T&P review committee practice, and T&P applications, click here or here.
  • For a narrative description of how an award-winning community-engaged scholar demonstrated impact within a research university.
  • For an analysis of requests for applications from major public and private funding agencies that support community engagement in research, click here.
  • For additional rationale as it relates to federal funding (particularly NSF funding), click here for a discussion and illustration of the criterion of broader impacts that is now required in all NSF funding.

Five key links to important resources are:

Community-Engaged Scholarship Toolkit

Created by the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, but the resources apply much more broadly to other fields and disciplines besides health. See a copy and paste below of their welcome page. The Introduction provides definitions; Unit 1 provides guidelines and examples; Unit 2 and Portfolio examples provides guidelines for applicants.



Community Engaged Scholarship Tools and Best Practices

Compiled by the Institute for Community & Economic Engagement at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. See below a screenshot from the webpage. The "Partnerships and Engaged Scholarship" section includes definitions and resources for CES; "Promotion and Tenure" provides general and discipline-specific guidelines.


More Examples of Faculty Reward and Evaluation Systems

Compiled for the New England Resource Center for Higher Education. Resources for developing T&P guidelines (some are discipline specific) for applicants from a range of universities. See screenshot below.