Community Engagement Associates Program (CEAP)

The Community Engagement Associates Program (CEAP) provides eligible undergraduate students the opportunity to utilize their FWS award in a highly effective and meaningful way. Students participate in a real-world experience with community partners serving as co-educators to facilitate student development of critical skills for workplaces and graduate/professional programs. The CEAP program places emphasis on its students further developing the AAC&U's Essential Learning Outcomes and NACE's Career Competencies. Additionally, CEAP partners receive vital support from students in the fulfillment of their organization's mission. USF's Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships is committed to working with the Tampa Bay community and the CEAP program strives to achieve this goal in a significant way for USF students and partners alike.  

For more information on the CEAP program, please contact: Mazi Ferguson, MBA at 813.974.0697 or

Student Quotes on Their CEAP Experience at the University Area CDC

delina“Working at the University Area CDC was the highlight of my spring semester. Under community development and engagement, I was able to go out in the University Area and learn the challenges that community members face. If it wasn’t for UACDC, I wouldn’t have gotten this exposure to the community.” –Delina Aylay, Global Business

kim"The welcoming environment of the UACDC along with the desire to address the needs of the community, made this an incredibly rewarding experience. I am more prepared as an individual because of the tasks I completed and the people I interacted with on a regular basis.”  –Kimberly Gomez, Accounting

lb“The University Area Community Development Center is a transformative place where I was able to help the company grow alongside myself. I was able to learn new skills while being challenged here every day. Overall, the UACDC made a lasting impact on myself and helped me achieve my career goals.” –Lavaugh Brown, Computer Engineering
ck“Working at the UACDC has strengthened my will to help others. Working in this community connected the dots between my major and the real world.” –Celia Kaufman, Behavioral Health