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Eminent Scholars Lecture Series Archive


January 24  Gilda Barabino, Daniel and Frances Berg Professor and Dean of The Grove School of Engineering - The City College of New York (CCNY) 
"Cell Biomechanics: Unlocking Determinants of Human Health and Disease"

February 28  Sharon Walker, Distinguished Professor of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering and Dean of the College of Engineering - Drexel University
"A New Frontier for Engineering Education Predicated on Peace"

April 10  Kevin L. Moore, Vice Provost and Dean - Colorado School of Mines  CANCELLED
"Perspectives and Connections: From Control Theory to Intelligent Robots to Cooperative Autonomy"


February 1 G. Ravi RavichandranJohn E. Goode, Jr., Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering - California Institute of Technology 
"Imagining and engineering the future"

March 1 Stephanie AdamsDean of Batten College of Engineering & Technology
Old Dominion University
"Transforming Engineering: Improving the Landscape Through Research Based Practices & Systems Thinking"

April 19 M. Katherine Banks, Vice Chancellor of Engineering and National Laboratories
The Texas A&M University System
"Transforming Engineering Education: Opportunities and Challenges"


January 26  Jennifer Sinclair Curtis, University of California - Davis
Dean, College of Engineering
"Toward Simulation-Based Design of Particle Handling Processes"

February 9  Lance Collins, Cornell University
Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering
"Cornell Tech – A new campus in New York City focused on digital technology for the 21st century"

February 23  Wayne Clough
Secretary Emeritus of the Smithsonian Institution  |  President Emeritus of the Georgia Institute of Technology
"Is Climate Change a Science Problem or an Engineering Problem?"

March 9  Julia Ross, Virginia Tech
Paul and Dorothea Torgersen Dean of Engineering
"Our World is Changing ... Are We?"

March 30  Justin Schwartz, Penn State University
Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering
"Redefining Engineering in the Modern Age"


January 13  Robin Coger, North Carolina A&T University
Dean, College of Engineering
"Transforming Research: A Perspective"

January 27  Louis A. Martin-Vega, North Carolina State University, Raleigh
Dean, College of Engineering
"Engineering Research and Education; Past, Present and Future Perspective"

February 3  Liesl Folks, University of Buffalo, The State University of New York
Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
"Growing Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Disciplines; What will it take?"

March 31  Darryll  Pines, University of Maryland, College Park
Nariman Farvardin Professor and Dean, A. James Clark School of Engineering
"Evolving to a New Normal in Engineering Education"


January 29  John R. English, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Dean, Professor & Irma F. Raymond F. Giffels Endowed Chair in Engineering
"Qualities of Leadership"

February 5  Gary S. May, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
Dean and Southern Company Chair College of Engineering
"Innovation in the Engineering Curriculum through Active Learning"

March 4  Gregory Washington, University of California, Irvine
Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
"Wearable Electronics: The Next Growth Engine for the U.S. Economy"

April 22  Ranu Jung, Florida International University, Miami
Professor and Interim Dean, and Wallace H. Coulter Eminent Scholars Chair in Biomedical Engineering
"Adaptive Neurotechnology for Restoring Neural Function"


January 23  Nicholas Abbott, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Sobota Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
"Design of Biotic-Abiotic Interfaces Using Liquid Crystals"

February 6  Joan Brennecke, Notre Dame University
Keating-Crawford Professor of Chemical Engineering
"Ionic Liquids: From CO2 to Capture Electroplating"

March 20  Peter Siegel, Visiting Associate in Engineering and Applied Science California Institute of Technology
Senior Research Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
"From THz Imaging to Millimeter-Wave Stimulation of Neurons: Is there a Killer Application for High Frequency RF in the Medical Community?"


January 24  Alexis T. Bell, University of California, Berkeley
National Academy of Engineering member, The Dow Professor of Sustainable Chemistry
"Control of Catalyst Activity and Selectivity by Modification of Active Site Composition, Structure, and Confinement"

January 29  Mark C.M. van Loosdrecht, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Professor of Environmental Biotechnology, Member of Dutch Academy of Engineering
"Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (Anammox) Technology: Science, discovery and commercialization"

February 14  Anil K. Jain, Michigan State University
University Distinguished Professor in Computer Science & Engineering
"Biometrics: Technology for Human Recognition"

April 25  Vijay John, Tulane University
The Leo S. Weil Professor in Engineering, Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
"Exploiting Biopolymer Stickiness at Interfaces – Oil Spills to Drug Delivery"


February 15  John White, University of Arkansas
Distinguished Professor of Industrial Engineering and Chancellor Emeritus
"Leadership Matters"

March 22  Michael Reiter, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lawrence Sifkin Distinguished Professor of Computer Science
"Defending Against Client Compromises in Client-Server Applications"

March 29  H. Vincent Poor, Princeton University
National Academy of Engineering member, Michael Henry Strater University Professor of Electrical Engineering; Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science
"Games, Privacy and Distributed Algorithms for the Smart Grid"

April 19   Nancy Love, University of Michigan
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
"At the Confluence of Nutrients, Pharmaceuticals and Sustainability: Emerging Issues in Wastewater Management"


January 27  William M. Shepherd
Capt. USN, ret.
"Technical and Operational Aspects of Building the International Space Station"

March 30  Bernard Amadei, University of Colorado at Boulder
Professor of Civil Engineering and founder of Engineers Without Borders
"Role of Engineers in Poverty Reduction: Challenges and Opportunities"

April 13  Rafael Bras, Georgia Institute of Technology
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
"Complexity and Organization in Earth Systems"


January 21  John R. Delaney, University of Washington
Professor of Oceanography
"Next Generation Science, Engineering, and Education in the Ocean Basins: Sensor-Robotic Networks Communicating at the Speed of Light"

February 4  David Dzombak, Carnegie Mellon University
Senior Professor of Environmental Engineering
"The Need and Challenge of Alternative Sources of Water for Use in Electric Power Production"

February 18  Dan Sperling, University of California, Davis
Professor of Civil Engineering & Environment Science & Policy
Expert in transportation and co-author of "Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability"

April 1  Neville Hogan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor of Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Director, Newman Laboratory
"Contact robotics—close physical contact and cooperation between robots and humans—is an emerging frontier of engineering innovation."

April 15  Fan-Gang Zeng, University of California, Irvine
Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering at The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
"Man-machine interface: Lessons learned from bionic ears"


February 12  Jerald Schnoor, The University of Iowa
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
"Environmental Grand Challenges"

February 26  Norman Augustine
Retired CEO & Chairman, Lockheed Martin Corporation
"Global Competitiveness"

March 26  Mark Somerville, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics
"Rethinking Engineering Education"

April 12  Ramesh Jain, University of California, Irvine
Donald Bren Professor, in Information Monday and Computer Sciences
"Emergence, Entrepreneurship and Web"