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The Department of Medical Engineering continues to closely monitor the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Per university instructions, the department will continue to function, advising, and classes will resume, remotely.  

We recognize that this time of uncertainty, unanswered questions, and social isolation may increase your stress level.  We wanted to provide you with some answers to commonly asked questions we received in the last week. Please don’t hesitate to contact us during this time!

How can students work in groups outside of the classroom?

All students should now have access to Microsoft Teams and Office 365, providing an additional resource for collaboration with faculty and student peers. Find more details on how to use Microsoft Teams.

Will USF support my internet access needs?

If you live in an area where broadband internet access is difficult, as a USF student, you have access to the national eduroam system. Visit  https://incommon.org/eduroam/eduroam-u-s-locator-map/  for a map indicating all the eduroam sites in the U.S. If you can get a wifi signal at any of these sites and your device has already been configured for eduroam, it will automatically connect. Otherwise, simply choose the eduroam network.

I am not used to communicating digitally with faculty and staff. May I get some tips?

As you adjust to working and learning away from USF, you should consider how you’ll communicate with University faculty and staff. In anticipation of limited access to in-person communication, below are some tips to help you communicate effectively. Leading with empathy is important as we all adjust to digital communication. Faculty, staff, and your peers are likely to be experiencing an increase in email, and it will take time to give everyone a thoughtful response. Having patience with one another will be critical; try to trust that you will get the information you need, even if not as immediately as one would like.

Click here for additional Tips and Guidelines for Online Learning

I am worried I won’t be as productive working from home. How can I make this work?

We understand that students are in the middle of adjusting to living arrangements and other aspects of life in unanticipated ways. We appreciate your willingness to adapt and be flexible, and we wish to support you in that transition.

First, recognize that you, your classmates, and your faculty will all have to work together to adjust. Be patient with yourself and with others during this time.

Second, you will need to create structure for yourself in order to succeed as an online learner. Consider what now may be lacking: your routines with friends, student organizations, and a job. If some of your classes move to a format that does not require you to be in class at a specific time, or if attendance policies change, you may not feel the same pressure to structure your life around your coursework.

To adjust for those shifts, you will need to find ways to create that structure for yourself. Click here for additional Tips and Guidelines for Online Learning

Registration starts soon and I need to make an appointment with my advisor. How will it work?

Academic Advising will be provided remotely, in accordance with the university's move to online instruction. Our goal, through this unique and challenging time is to ensure student success and meeting all deadlines. To achieve these goals, some of the ways in which we provide academic advising services will change. Due to COVID-19, all Academic Advising appointments for current USF students will be offered virtually through Microsoft Teams. For the safety of all community members, we will not offer any face-to-face advising appointments.

Academic Advising appointments can be scheduled online through Archivum Appointment Scheduler. In advance of the appointment, you will receive a reminder email from your advisor with further instructions on how to prepare for your meeting, and an update to the schedule confirmation with Teams connection information. There are three ways in which you can use Microsoft Teams for your appointment:

• Teams App on your Smartphone - If you would like to complete the meeting on your smartphone, follow the mobile Teams instructions

• Desktop Computer - If you would like to meet on your personal computer, follow the desktop Teams instructions

• Phone Call – If meeting by phone is the best option for you, Microsoft Teams will also provide you with a phone number and conference code.


Current Student ToolKit

If you need assistance with remote instruction, visit USF's Current Student Toolkit for detailed information. 

For technical support (Canvas, SMART Lab, IT, etc.), visit Learning Support  

Spring 2020 Graduating Policy 


For detailed Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates provided by the University, please visit USF's Main Page

If you have questions about USF and coronavirus, contact COVIDquestions@usf.edu