ECH 2217 "Energy, Environment and Sustainability"
* Students learn to analyze innovative energy systems and technologies that support sustainable energy use, energy security, and environmental harmony for life on Earth.

ECH 5931 "Solar Energy Fundamentals and Applications"
* Designed to teach students to estimate solar radiation on any surface and to design solar energy components, subsystems and systems for various solar energy applications. Knowledge of heat transfer, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics would be helpful but is not required.

ECH 6931 / EEL 6936 "Design of Solar Power Plants"
* Acquire knowledge and tools to design Photovolvtaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) power plants. PRE-REQUISITE: ECH 5931 "Solar Energy Fundamentals and Application," or its equivalent.

EEL 6935 "Power Market"
* Students will learn about renewable energy power delivery and smart grids.