Undergraduate Program

Course Descriptions

ENT 3003: Principles of Business in Entrepreneurship

Prerequisites: Open to any undergraduate student with the exception of Business and Industrial Engineering Majors
Historically online: Yes
This course is an introduction to business principles and is designed for non-business majors. It focuses on the principles of business and entrepreneurship, and will help students to develop an understanding of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial leadership in both for-profit and socially-aware settings, large and small. Students will develop basic accounting, finance, management, and marketing skills that can be applied to a variety of business settings and will complement their current areas of study and future careers – whether pursuing their own business ideas or within an existing enterprise. The course is designed to prepare non-business students for additional entrepreneurship courses.

ENT 3613: Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurial Firms

Prerequisites: None
Historically online: No
The course teaches creative problem solving techniques, entrepreneurial mindsets, and lean startup methodology in an immersive, participative environment. Students will learn creativity and innovation techniques, and intellectual property basics. In addition, students will develop skills in rapid idea generation, opportunity recognition, and customer interviewing.

ENT 4014: New Venture Formation

Prerequisites: Open to any student who has completed ENT3003, or (MAN3025 AND ACG2021)
Historically online: Yes
This course integrates business principles with entrepreneurship and venture creation, and will focus on the nature, environment, and risks and rewards of new venture formation. Students will study the factors involved in starting, managing, and growing an early-stage business opportunity. You will learn real-world skills that will increase the likelihood of success for your own endeavors or for opportunities developed within existing organizations ("intrapreneurship").

ENT 4024: Small Business Management - Entrepreneurship

Prerequisites: Currently none. It is highly recommended that entrepreneurship students take ENT4014 first.
Historically online: Some sections
This course elaborates on the entrepreneurial process. Students will further examine business ownership and the essentials of effectively managing start-up ventures and established small businesses through innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial leadership.

ENT 4424: Fundamentals of Venture Capital and Private Equity

Prerequisites: Open to any student who has completed ENT4014
Historically online: Yes
This course focuses on funding sources and financing strategies for entrepreneurs. Students will learn the fundamentals of various early-stage funding types, including bootstrapping, debt, and equity. The course will further explore the roles of venture capital and private equity in entrepreneurial new business creation and growth.