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Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC)

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SAIC Diagram of purpose

The purpose of the USF Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC) is to engage students who are committed to academic integrity in activities that promote the Commitment of Honor among students at the University of South Florida, Tampa Campus. The SAIC is a committee of the President's Ethics and Integrity Council (EIC) and operates in partnership with the Judicial Branch of the USF Student Government. The SAIC has three primary functions: Education, Prevention/Advocacy, and Case Review.


The duties of USF Student Academic Integrity Committee members are to:

  1. Assist with the development of educational activities to create University-wide awareness of the USF Commitment to Honor, the importance of academic integrity, and the importance of responsible conduct of research, e.g., ethics training tutorials, curriculum-related practices, technology that supports ethics and integrity, and others.
  2. Develop activities to advocate for academic integrity at USF and to prevent students from engaging in academic misconduct, e.g., peer-to-peer seminars, guest speakers, peer mentoring, ethics video contest, academic integrity week.
  3. Complete training activities related to ethical behavior, academic integrity, and the responsible conduct of research to prepare them to serve on the Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB).
  4. Serve on AIRB committees when requested by a College Dean or designee.

The SAIC Committee meets at least twice each semester to plan and conduct educational, prevention, and advocacy activities.

Selection Process

The SAIC membership consists of students who value academic integrity and ethical behavior in higher education. In order to be eligible for the SAIC, students must have:

  1. a minimum of 30 undergraduate hours or 9 graduate hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 (Undergraduate or Graduate)
  2. no record of violations of the USF Commitment to Honor
  3. successfully completed the Academic Integrity Tutorial
  4. and recommendation from a USF faculty or staff member

A telephone or in-person interview may be conducted prior to selection for the SAIC.

In addition, graduate students must have successfully completed training in the Responsible Conduct of Research. Students may be nominated by their college or the Judicial Branch of the Student Government.

Self nominations are welcome. View the Online Application > 

Membership and Length of Service

The first call for nominations/applications occurred in Spring, 2015. The initial term of appointment will be one year with the possibility of reappointment for one additional year. The initial membership of the SAIC will include up to three representatives per college (with CAS having up to 3 appointments for each of its 3 schools). Units that offer both undergraduate and graduate programs will have two undergraduate representatives and one graduate representative. In addition, the Judicial Branch of the Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) may each appoint 3 members of the SAIC resulting in an initial membership of at least 45 students. Thus, representatives from the following units will constitute the SAIC:

  • CAS School of Humanities (3)
  • CAS School of Social Sciences (3)
  • CAS School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics (3)
  • CBCS (3)
  • Business (3)
  • Education (3)
  • Engineering (3)
  • Global Sustainability (3)
  • The Arts (3)
  • Marine Science (3)
  • USF Health: non-clinical professional programs (3)*
  • Nursing (3)
  • Public Health (3)
  • Judicial Branch of Student Government (3)
  • Graduate and Professional Student Council (3)

*Includes Ph.D. programs in Biomedical Sciences, Rehabilitation Science., and other Ph.D. programs when developed; excludes the M.D., Physician Assistant, DPT, and PharmD programs.

The Ethics & Integrity Council may appoint additional members to provide representation from undergraduate, graduate, clinical, and professional programs as needed. The size and composition of the SAIC may be adjusted by the EIC as needed.

A Chair and Co-Chair, appointed by the EIC each year, will have the responsibility for providing leadership and convening meetings of the SAIC. The SAIC Chair will serve as a member of the Ethics and Integrity Council.

Training Workshop

Training workshops for SAIC members will be conducted annually on the following topics:

  • USF Commitment to Honor (conducted by the EIC and Student Government, Judicial Branch)
  • Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures (conducted by the Office of the General Counsel)
  • Due process, fact-finding, and procedural issues (conducted by the Office of the General Counsel)
  • Overview of types of cases at the undergraduate level (conducted by the Office of Undergraduate Studies)
  • Overview of types of cases at the graduate level (conducted by the Office of Graduate Studies)
  • Case studies: hands-on practice in AIRB Case Review; application of policy and procedures

Note: The concept of the Honor Committee is based on the model at George Mason University.