Academic integrity is the foundation of the University of South Florida’s commitment to the academic honesty and personal integrity of its University community. Academic integrity is grounded in certain fundamental values, which include honesty, respect and fairness. Broadly defined, academic honesty is the completion of all academic endeavors and claims of scholarly knowledge as representative of one’s own efforts. Knowledge and maintenance of the academic standards of honesty and integrity as set forth by the University are the responsibility of the entire academic community, including the instructional faculty, staff and students.



You are almost certainly already familiar with the definition of cheating:

"Cheating is using or attempting to use materials, information, notes, study aids, or other assistance in any type of examination or evaluation which have not been authorized by the instructor." -- Academic Policies and Procedures, USF Undergraduate Catalog

As you almost certainly already know, you should not cheat. If you do cheat, USF faculty and instructors will report it, and apply a penalty that could include suspension and expulsion.

We define cheating as separate from plagiarism.