Meet Zero

Zero the Hero

Name: Zero the Loan Reduction Hero

AKA: Zero

Mission: Help students fight against debt, their shared enemy

Catchphrase: "It's debt clobberin' time!"

Zero's goal is to help students reach their goal of having 0 debt. He has "future vision" and "super smarts" super powers. Our hero can see into student's future to help reduce and avoid long-term debt and he has profound financial knowledge, which allows him to help students navigate topics such as financial aid, loans, and budgeting.

 With his future vision and super smarts, Zero helps you avoid taking on more debt while crafting a powerful plan to pay down whatever debt you already have. Accepting the Bull2Bull Reduce Your Debt Challenge connects you with Bull2Bull's fantastic team of financial coaches, who will use their marvelous money management skills to personally teach you how to beat back debt, take charge of your money, and plan for a super future!

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