Electronic Thesis & Dissertation

ETD Process Overview

To successfully complete the ETD process, you will need to be familiar with each of the steps, and keep on top of deadlines and requirements.


ETD Registration opens on the first day of each semester. You should aim to complete the ETD registration as soon as possible to avoid any hold ups after submitting your manuscript. 

You must also register to graduate online through Oasis. Some departments ask you to do this early while others do not mention it. Be sure to double-check the registrar's deadlines.

If you are planning on attending commencement, you will need to register through the commencement website.


Whether you're working on your thesis or your dissertation, you have to receive approval from your committee before continuing on through the ETD process. Requirements for your defense are set by your college/department.

During this time, you can start filling out your information on the certificate of approval form, and you can work on formatting your initial pages (everything from the title page to the abstract). If you are planning to graduate in the current semester, you have the opportunity to submit those initial pages for an early review!


The ETD office requires all graduating students to complete a certificate of approval packet. This packet includes:

  • the certificate of approval form, with signatures from your committee members,
  • the first page of the plagiarism check, and
  • the certificate of completion of the SED survey (for Doctoral Students Only).

Your complete packet must be submitted to this Microsoft Form no later than the due date provided by the office of graduate studies for thesis and dissertation students.

In addition to submitting your certificate of approval packet, you will need to submit your manuscript to ProQuest. This is where the format reviewing process begins.


You will recieve an email from ProQuest letting you know whether your submission has been accepted or whether it requires revisions. 9 times out of 10, there will be something in your manuscript that needs to be revised. Most students go through 2 or 3 rounds of revision before getting the formatting right. Your manuscript will continue to be reviewed until it is properly formatted. At that time, you will receive your approval email, and be done with the whole process!