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Dr. Alan Bush

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Dr. Alan Bush has worked for more than ten years on projects fostering community resilience. Growing up in the economically, socially, and ecologically stressed city of Cleveland, he was inspired to understand how communities can thrive in a volatile and uncertain world. His work has spanned four continents, and allowed him to work with the social sector, corporations, and in higher education. Dr. Bush holds a B.A. from Pomona College in Global Politics & Economics, a M.S. in Sustainable Systems from the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas School of Architecture in Community and Regional Planning.

His current research focuses on leadership as an emergent property of relationships, and the leadership practices that foster resilience for organizations and large-scale urban systems. Dr. Bush's research interests include complex systems, urban agriculture, ensemble leadership, resilience, innovation in business model and organizational form, affordable housing, and bio-adaptive urban infrastructure.

Dr. Bush's pedagogical focus is immersive, project-based courses that allow students to collaborate, explore, test, fail, and learn within a safe-yet-edgy environment. Recent teaching has included field and classroom courses across a range of subjects, including Sustainable Development, Sustainable Business, Ecological Economics, Sustainability for Engineers, and Cities of the Global South.

As an educator, researcher and facilitator, Dr. Bush is committed to helping students, organizations and communities develop the capacity to thrive.

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