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What are the admission requirements for the Honors College? 
You can find information related to our admissions process outlined on the Prospective Students page.

What are the admission requirements for transfer students?

You can find admissions information for students who are currently enrolled in college on our Prospective Continuing and Transfer Student admissions page.

What are the benefits of being a student in the Honors College?
The number of benefits as an Honors College student include learning in small discussion-based Honors classes, registering for classes on the first day of registration (regardless of major or year), utilizing unique study abroad experiences, engaging research opportunities and becoming involved in a close community of scholars.

What scholarships are available through the Honors College?
For qualifying Honors College students, the USF Honors College scholarship is available. This scholarship can total up to $2,000 over four years. Additionally, travel scholarships may also be available. For a complete list of available USF scholarships, click here. For information about nationally competitive merit scholarships, visit the Office of National Scholarships.

What engagement opportunities and activities does the Honors College offer?
The Honors College offers a number of engagement opportunities and activities. You can become involved in service trips, community engagement, local cultural partnerships, Honors College Student Council, and internships. The College also offers music opportunities, such as the Honors Philharmonic Orchestra, Honors Choral Ensemble and Honors Jazz Ensemble.

Does the Honors College offer any study abroad opportunities?
There are a number of study abroad opportunities both within and outside of the Honors College. As an Honors College student, you have a number of study abroad opportunities each year. Examples of trips include education and medical service trips in rural Panama, a semester spent learning in England, and helping to build schools in Peru. The College offers scholarship opportunities for these trips.

Does the College offer housing options?
Yes, you can apply to live in the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC). To learn about applying to live in the Honors LLC, please click here.

Once admitted to the Honors College, how do I remain in it/what are the requirements?
To remain in good academic standing in the Honors College and to graduate, you must have a 3.25 or higher GPA. If your GPA falls between a 2.75 and 3.25, you are placed on academic probation. Once it falls below a 2.75, you are dismissed from the College.

What is required for me to graduate from the Honors College?
Students admitted prior to Summer 2015 must complete the required number of Honors courses, including Thesis; complete the Cultural Experience Requirement; and have a 3.25 USF and Overall GPA (not including grade forgiveness).

Students admitted Summer 2015 and after must complete the required Honors Courses, including either a thesis or capstone course; complete the Global Experience and Community Engagement requirements; and have a 3.25 USF and Overall GPA (not including grade forgiveness).

Students meeting these requirements will be identified as Honors College graduates at university commencement, on their USF diploma and final transcripts. Honors College distinction is separate from honors at graduation (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude), which is based entirely on GPA.

What is involved in the thesis?
The Senior Honors Thesis is a culmination of a student's Honors College experience, involving independent work, writing and critical thinking. The project includes six semester hours of the baccalaureate degree program. The thesis itself may relate to your major, but does not have to.

Students may also choose to participate in a capstone project instead of the thesis, where you would work with a group of students from a variety of majors and an Honors College faculty member to solve a problem.

What does the Global requirement entail?
The Honors College is committed to making global awareness a critical element in the education of twenty-first century leaders. To complete the global experience, you must chose two pre-approved activities, which you can find here.

Does the Honors College offer its own courses? If so, what types of courses does the college have?
Honors offers many classes that will also count towards other majors and your Foundation of Knowledge courses (FKLs). Honors students are required to take Acquisition of Knowledge in their first year, and a Geographical Perspective course in their second year. To learn more about the various classes the Honors College offers, please click here.

Who teaches Honors courses?
Honors faculty include a variety of experts, including former CEOs and medical practitioners. They come from a number of other fields as well. To read more about the Honors College faculty, please click here.

Does Honors offer advising?
The Honors College has a team of advisors. First year Honors students are assigned advisors and are required to meet with them during the fall and spring semester before registering for classes in order to remove their academic hold. You are also encouraged to make an appointment with your Honors College Advisor after your first year in order to ensure that you are on track. These advisors are an excellent resource for any questions you may have.

In addition, the Honors College also offers Peer Advising for freshmen.

Is there an Honors College Orientation?
During the required USF orientation, students will be required to attend an orientation for the Honors College as well. You can find more information here.

How many students are currently enrolled in the Honors College?
There are currently 2,261 students enrolled in the Honors College.