Tampa Museum of Art Partnership

The USF Honors College participates in a partnership with the Tampa Museum of Art that provides research opportunities for students in many areas, including psychology, pre-med, art, and education, as well as other majors.

In Fall 2015, the Museum established a program specifically geared toward patients and their care partners, many of whom may be apprehensive about visiting the museum and are seeking a comfortable community program opportunity. This is not an art therapy program; rather it can be considered an art program for those who may be in therapy or who are accessing community mental health services.

Programs such as this one have been developed for those suffering from dementia, specifically Alzheimer's disease, by other art museums across our country for over ten years. One of the first, Meet me at MOMA, was developed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and included the collection of outcomes data which validated its efficacy. This program has been adapted to our community's needs and will transfer well to those suffering from other mental health conditions including, but not limited to, PTSD and Depression.

Last year, nearly three dozen Honors College students were trained to be docents for this program.

In 2016 a new group of students will receive extensive training provided by the Museum Education team as well as peer mentoring by the current group of Honors College docents. The Spring 2017 semester will consist of these students working at the museum to facilitate art discussions with small community groups, at times determined by your availability. This program could provide excellent fodder for an Honors thesis project. In addition to working at the museum, the opportunity exists for research regarding depression, dementia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.