Current Students

Honors In Action

The Honors in Action Program tracks student involvement within the Honors College. When Honors students swipe their USF IDs at any Honors College, Honors LLC, Honors College Student Council, or Office of National Scholarships event, attendance points will be recorded through the Honors College Bullsync page. If you forget your ID, please give your name and email to the person working the check-in.

The points system is dictated as follows:
1 point for attendance at any Honors College Student Council, Honors LLC, or Office of National Scholarships event
1 point for attendance at any Honors College Student Council Committee Meeting
Points are given per hour served if you attend any volunteer events hosted by the Honors College Student Council

The rewards system for this program are as follows:
30 points – Certificate of Involvement
20 points- Honors Swag Item
Students that have accumulated 10 or more points each semester (excluding summer) will be eligible to receive a "finals miniature care package" at the end of the semester. A member of the Honors College Student Council will reach out to your student email regarding more information.

There will also be an Annual Honors College Banquet where students with the highest number of involvement points will be invited to attend. The evening includes dinner, awards, raffles, and socializing with friends, faculty, and staff. At each of the graduation ceremonies, there will also be a small number of students who are honored with a special distinction presented by Dean Adams. 

Involvement hours can be viewed and tracked on Bullsync. Please realize that these hours are separate from the 50 Community Engagement Hours that are required by the Honors College. If you have any questions about hours or Honors in Action, please email Danny Polanco.