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Dr. Bush Faculty Spotlight Q&A

Dr. Bush

Dr. Alan Bush is a faculty member in the Honors College who enjoys teaching courses in Geographies of Transformation, Cities of the Global South, Tampa in Transformation, Wicked Problems in Social Change, and Sustainability Practice. He has a PhD in Community and Regional Planning with a concentration in Participatory Methods of Public Engagement/Democratic Methods. That combined with his M.S. in Sustainable Systems and a B.A. in Global Politics and Economics makes him one of only four people in the country with this training. He has also lived in India, South Africa, Malawi, New Zealand, and worked in Mexico and various parts of Europe. Check out the question-and-answer below to learn more about Dr. Bush.

1) What is your educational/research background?
My master's included work in Industrial Ecology, which is the science of quantifying environmental impacts. This gets seriously quantitative, detailed, dorky, and exacting. It's a blessing and a curse, as I can tell you the environmental impact of practically any daily object.

2) What is your favorite area of study/research?
Resilience. I love trying to understand what makes people and communities resilient amidst a complex, uncertain, and unpredictable world.

3) What is your favorite class that you teach at the Honors College?
Right now, I'm excited about taking my Geographies of Transformation class to Peru next spring/summer. I fell in love with Peru this past year and traveling with Honors students.

4) What is one lesson you want all of your students to take away from studying your course?
Changing complex systems starts with changing ourselves. Your habits of mind lead to your luck surface area. This is just as true of communities as it is for people.

5) What do you like about being a faculty member in the Honors College?
Surprise connection. The college is an opportunity for the unexpected, with my fellow staff and faculty (who are all great!) and with students.

6) What makes Honors students unique?
I have no idea, really. I've just been here a year, and have just taught in Honors. I will say Honors students regularly take the "yes, and..." approach to my assignments, taking them farther than I expected and imagined. I love that.

7) What activities do you like to do for fun when you're not teaching in the Honors College?
I was born into a tribe of runners, and run daily. I sing in the Tampa Bay Master Chorale. I like my tea (maybe you've seen me with my tea tray). I just got a longboard (again; last time was college) to get to my classes at Beacon, so if you see me flat on my back and my board in the shrubs, give an old man a hand...