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Professor Ulluminair Salim

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Ulluminair Salim, PhD(c), MPH explores questions of whose lives matter, whose bodies count, and who decides; traversing the interstices between scientific progress, capitalism, and social responsibility. Through ethnographic and theoretical inquiry, she has examined the development of a hospice and palliative care elective at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; urban territorialization and power struggles over land in East Baltimore, Maryland; the commoditization of prison labor in the United States; and the lived experience of disability and unemployment at midlife. Her most recent scholarship examines the moral dimensions and representational politics of (im)mobility and prosthetic supplementation in low-income countries. At its most expansive, her research illuminates the social production of value among vulnerable, otherwise devalued bodies in the emergence of global markets of social suffering. Her work has been supported by the University of California, the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), and the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP).

Borderlands epistemologies have been foundational to the types of teaching commitments and research questions that motivate Professor Salim. During her fellowship appointment at the UC San Francisco Graduate Division, she developed the first Responsible Conduct of Research program for Postdoctoral scholars (RCR-PS), directing the program for three years. As a social scientist, she bridged the chasm between scientific practice and its social implications, developing curricula for a predominately basic science audience. Her vision for the RCR-PS program was to create a brave space where bench scientists could investigate and problematize the culture of science.

At the USF Honors College, Professor Salim will collaborate with colleagues to develop the health humanities certificate program and teach courses on biopolitics; charitable giving; disability, human-being, and prosthetic supplementation; and qualitative research methods. The University of South Florida's rich tradition of forensic science inspired her course Science, Art, and Justice: A Social Autopsy, which seeks to uncover the ways in which scientists utilize art (and artists utilize science) as an activist undertaking.

As an educator, Professor Salim holds the conviction that education is as much about being conversant with the research literature as it is challenging it and creating new knowledges. She is especially committed to making the academy a more hospitable place for diverse ways of thinking and being in the world. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she earned her BA degree in social welfare from UC Berkeley, MPH degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and PhD in sociology (2018) from UC San Francisco.

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