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Bulls in the Cloud

Welcome to Bulls in the Cloud!

Bulls in the Cloud is Residential Education’s virtual hub for events, discussions, and access to resources! USF Students enrolled in the platform have increased access to make new friends, interact with USF Faculty, and get connected with USF Staff.

Students utilizing the platform have become better connected to the student and professional staff team with Residential Education.  Students know who to ask when they need help and reach out when needed.

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Upcoming Episodes

Finals are Coming: The Do’s & Don’ts of Virtual Exams 
Launch date: April 18, 2021 
During this podcast episode, we will talk about strategies that will support your academic success during virtual final exams and ways to navigate technology issues that may arise during your exams. We will also discuss what test free days are and how we can utilize those days to prepare for our virtual exams. 

Oh Crap! I Have to Study: How to Study for Your Finals Without Cramming 
Launch date: April 21, 2021 
During this podcast episode, we will talk about the importance of time management and how to use time management to avoid cramming for your virtual final exams. We will also discuss ways to create virtual study groups and making the most out of your time during faculty office hours. 

Finals Week is Here: How to Maintain Your Wellness & Tackle Test Anxiety
Launch date: April 25, 2021 
During this podcast episode, we will talk about a variety of strategies to help you maintain your wellness and the benefits of practicing mindfulness during finals week. We will also discuss ways to identify test anxiety and strategies to help you during your tests.