Professional Development

Career Development

USF recognizes the importance of continually developing our employees to expand their skills and career potential. Career expansion doesn't always mean supervisory advancement; it can mean professional growth by gaining a deeper understanding of a specialized area. This professional growth encourages USF employees to question the status quo as we seek innovative ways to lead in the areas of research, teaching, community engagement and student success.

Use the tools located here as guides to personal assessment and career planning.  The tools are designed to help you when trying to decide what options are available for career growth or progression.

Personal Assessment

Career Planning

Career development is a continual cycle of personal assessment, identifying goals and planning.  Planning for your career development involves continuous learning.  While courses and formal training provide one form of development, there may be overlooked opportunities within your department such as cross training or job shadowing.  Valuable learning may come from experiences such as one-on-mentoring or on-the-job problem solving. Remember that you play the most integral role in your development process.

Career Development Cycle

Continually assess your competencies and set goals to reach your highest potential.  Once you have done such a personal assessment, you'll be better able to identify the learning opportunities that fit and set an action plan.