Professional Development

Employee Motivation for Supervisors

Employee motivation refers to the intrinsic enthusiasm and drive to accomplish activities. It is that internal drive and complex force that causes an individual to decide to take action. The trick for supervisors is to figure out how to inspire employee motivation at work. This series for supervisors begins with a broad overview that covers the many topics that need to be considered for employee motivation.  Specific courses then delve deeper into the topics covered in the broad overview. 

The topics include:

  • Motivating and Engaging Employees
  • Driving Workplace Happiness
  • Creating the Right Culture
  • Developing and Coaching Employees
  • Managing Employees – From the Disengaged to the High Performing
  • Motivating Members of Multiple Generations
  • Understanding Different Types of Rewards and Motivations for Different People 

Instructions to Complete this Series

Program participants must complete the seven (7) courses and complete them within one year in order to receive credit in GEMS and a certificate of completion.

The courses in this series may be accessed for free through LinkedIn Learning with your USF NetID. Click here for instructions on accessing courses directly on the LinkedIn Learning website.  To receive credit in GEMS for completion of the Problem Solving Series, please do the following:

Upon completion of the online courses, email all seven (7) of your certificates from LinkedIn Learning in one email with your Employee ID number to Your Employee ID number is an 11 digit number beginning with zeroes. You can find your Employee ID number in USF PersonSearch at After logging in and finding your record, click the green "view" button next to your name to reach the screen with your employee ID.

Complete the following 7 courses for the Employee Motivation Series for Supervisors:

Motivating and Engaging Employees  (1 hr 50 minutes)

"An estimated 70 percent of employees are "disengaged." They aren't satisfied or productive, and this costs your organization time and money. In this course, Todd Dewett walks you through the steps to building high-performing and engaged teams of motivated employees. Learn the three keys to engaging and retaining your team: strong relationships, a great work culture, and opportunities for employees to grow. Along the way, discover how to assess engagement, build trust, create intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, honor contributions by your "superstars," and build pathways for employees to grow and stay with your company." - Description from LinkedIn Learning

Click here to access Motivating and Engaging Employees in LinkedIn Learning

 Driving Workplace Happiness (49 Minutes)

'Employers are always looking for ways to increase engagement and decrease turnover. Part of building engagement is creating opportunities for employees to feel happy—because happy employees are more productive employees. Learn what makes people happy at work and how investing a small amount in workplace happiness can make a big impact your company culture and your bottom line. Catherine Mattice Zundel introduces tangible actions that supervisors, managers, and HR professionals in companies of any size can take to drive happiness, from inspiring altruism and reducing stress to removing incivility and providing meaningful work. She also provides tips on driving happiness for different generations: millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers alike." - Description from LinkedIn Learning

Click here to access Driving Workplace Happiness in LinkedIn Learning

Creating a High Performance Culture (1 hour 4 minutes)

"If you're a leader, you're responsible for establishing the culture in your organization. In order to remain competitive, you need to build a culture of high performance. In this course, executive coach and consultant Mike Figliuolo reveals how to define your organization's culture, set direction, manage organizational performance, and ensure the right platforms and processes are in place to reinforce the culture. Throughout the course, Mike brings this topic to life by sharing actionable tips and real-world examples." - Description from LinkedIn Learning

Click here to access Creating a High Performance Culture in LinkedIn Learning

Coaching for Results (1 hour)

"Coaching—like managing—isn't an intuitive skill. It's also not a one-type-fits-all solution. To be effective, managers and leaders need to learn a variety of coaching techniques so that they can cater to the specific needs of individual employees. Executive coach Lisa Gates helps managers and leaders who are struggling with coaching learn the three basic types—coaching to improve performance, develop careers, and encourage high performers—and apply different techniques to get results. She also helps you avoid some of the common coaching traps and develop a coaching habit. The scenarios included with the course help you understand how the lessons play out in the workplace, whether you're coaching to improve customer service, helping an employee make challenging career choices, or navigating conflict with difficult people." - Description from LinkedIn Learning

Click here to access Coaching for Results in LinkedIn Learning

Managing High Performers (16 minutes)

"Managing high performers gives you an opportunity to pave the way for some of your organization's strongest talent. By strategically helping these professionals grow and expand their responsibilities, you can have a significant impact on the future of your organization. In this course, leadership expert Sara Canaday equips you with innovative strategies for successfully managing—and retaining—your most exceptional employees. Sara familiarizes you with the mindset and motivations of high performers, so that you can use this knowledge to meet their expectations and provide them with the appropriate level of support and development." - Description from LinkedIn Learning

Click here to access Managing High Performers in LinkedIn Learning

Managing Multiple Generations (50 minutes)

"Discover how to successfully manage multiple generations in the workplace with Christina Schlachter, PhD. Learn about each generation present in today's workforce, from Baby Boomers to Millennials, and figure out what each group wants and needs, and how they like to be managed, developed, and promoted." - Description from LinkedIn Learning

Click here to access Managing Multiple Generations in LinkedIn Learning

Rewarding Employees (17 minutes)

"Have rewards become too routine at your workplace? Have they lost meaning? In this short course, join author Todd Dewett in discussing the three principles of effectively rewarding employees: making sure rewards are earned, unique, and timely. Find out what happened to the CEO who learned a hard lesson about giving rewards that mean something to his team." - Description from LinkedIn Learning

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