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New Website

As part of the Division of Human Resources’ (DHR) way-forward in its results driven transformation, DHR is pleased to announce the launch of a redesigned website.

The new site is a culmination of effort by the DHR team, University Communications and Marketing, and IT Web Services. The joint collaboration focused on user needs with clear goals: a reimagined site architecture with intuitive navigation and concise/clear content.

Key Features of the Redesigned Website

"Our goal with this new website was to redesign it with a fresh and modern feel, targeted to our clients’ needs: streamlined menus, simplified navigation, and enhanced resources and information on our services and programs," said Donna Keener, associate vice president for USF Human Resources.

"We’ve also improved the quality of our content, so users will get more from a quick read. There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, all to make the user experience a valuable one that will have them wanting to come back often. The new website serves as a valuable tool to keep employees informed and to assist them anytime, anywhere they need information."