Learn a New Tool

Canvas LMS

Canvas Gradebook

Overview of the New Canvas Gradebook

This video provides brief summary of the new Canvas gradebook and covers both the interface changes and new features.


Canvas Menu and Modules

Course Menu

The following video outlines how to customize your course menu in Canvas.

Course Modules

The structure of your Canvas course is critical and within this tutorial you will learn how to use the Modules tools to logically organize your course.

Canvas Course Administration

Add People

This will show you how to add individuals to your course and modify their role as needed.

Copy a Course

This will demonstrate how to import an existing course into a new course shell.

Selective Import and Copy

This will walk you through the process of copying and importing specific elements of a course.

Link Checker

This handy tool scans your course shell for broken or inaccessible links.

Canvas Course Communication

Post Announcements

Announcements are one of the most common ways to provide relevant information to your students.