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Content Tools

Kaltura (free)

Kaltura is a media hosting platform for you create and store and present video, audio, and images. Instructors can create custom content (using simultaneous inputs from video/screen/audio/annotation), embed quiz questions directly into video content, parse video into “chapters”, create playlists, and monitor student viewing activity through powerful analytics. Captions with interactive transcripts are automatically generated.

Kaltura - Analytics (free)

Kaltura provides simple, yet powerful analytical data so you can track who is viewing your videos, when, and for how long. Faculty can use the data to modify their teaching strategy, communicate to students in need, and summarize outcomes.

Kaltura - Organize in Digestible Bites (free)

Organize your custom content by chaptering longer video into searchable short clips, to facilitate student navigation when engaging with the content. Playlists allow you to merge multiple videos into a single player with a navigation menu. This is handy if you have associated videos you would like to keep in a series or simply want to save space on your Canvas page.

Enroll in the Kaltura Workshop

Everything within this "Enhance Your Online Course with Kaltura" workshop is dedicated to ensuring that you acquire mastery as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. This workshop is structured around the seven specific Kaltura skills parsed into two parts, Kaltura Foundations (Skills 1 - 3) and Kaltura Advanced (Skills 4 - 8). Foundations will get you started and Advanced provides you with additional options and features.

Camtasia (Fee-Based)

Camtasia is an industry leader in screen recording and presentation creation. Licenses are available for purchase through the USF computer store. Alternatively, you may book one of our faculty workspaces equipped with Camtasia and all the necessary equipment for creating presentations. Camtasia is relatively easy to learn but we do recommend enrolling in our fully online workshop, Camtasia Foundations.

Audacity (Free)

Audacity is a program for recording and editing audio files. If you are not familiar with audio editing programs we recommend that you email us to schedule a training session.

Microsoft Stream (Free)

Similar to YouTube, Stream is a media hosting platform. It offers auto-captioning and a number of approaches for embedding video content into your course. Stream is accessible within your USF Office 365 catalog.

USF Libraries Digital Learning Objects & Tool

USF Librarians are curating a collection of high-quality digital learning objects suitable for inclusion in courses. This is very much a work in progress and content will be added daily.