Faculty Development (CITL)



Sometimes, the best way to get feedback about what you’re doing in the classroom is to get to see what you’re doing in the classroom. CITL is committed to providing in class observations as requested by individual instructors as well as supporting peer observation groups.


CITL is also available for group consultations to support your learning and teaching goals. This includes providing workshops, research or literature on a particular academic initiative or area of interest.


CITL supports various Faculty Learning Communities or FLCs. These communities are built of 6-12 people and are designed to foster communication among faculty members across disciplines and promote innovation in teaching and learning.


The Faculty Toolkit includes resources to aide in teaching and learning. Stay tuned for more resources and pages to support your teaching and learning goals coming later this summer.

Confidentiality and CITL

Here at CITL, we value you as a learner and a scholar. Our mission is to support academic growth and development through open dialogue, research, feedback and reflection. CITL encourages faculty to explore new and innovative ways to engage in their courses and scholarship and seeks to provide an environment that promotes such activities. This is why all conversations and documents related to consultations and in-class observations are strictly confidential between CITL and the individual instructor. No information is passed on for departmental, merit or tenure review evaluation.