Pharmacy Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management


Pharmacy Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management is a necessary tenet for the success of future pharmacists, regardless of their professional environment, but specific to individuals interested in owning and/or operating their own pharmacy.

This certificate provides a clear extension and continuation of the cross-disciplinary, integrated approach to learning and teaching undertaken in the PharmD and Master of Pharmacy programs offered at the College of Pharmacy. It is for pharmacists or future pharmacists who wish to develop exceptional entrepreneurial, leadership and management skills relevant to Pharmacy. This program provides students, interns or established pharmacists with an opportunity to build upon their existing study or professions to fast-track the completion of a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management in Pharmacy. For registered pharmacists, who wish to update their pharmacy practice knowledge, and current PharmD students, the track consists of two compulsory units of study plus two elective subjects. The coursework that comprises this graduate certificate is designed to augment the students' foundation of knowledge in the field of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management in Pharmacy.

Course Location/Delivery

The Certificate is offered at the Tampa campus and fully online.

Admission Requirements

A baccalaureate degree in the sciences or its equivalent from an accredited college; or an advanced degree; or a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution and either be currently enrolled in a biomedical sciences degree program for MD, DO, PhD, PharmD (or equivalent) or have extensive clinical experience

Application Process

Access the application here.

In addition, to the application forms please submit:
1. Departmental Approval Form (Please print, sign, and submit this form with all other documents to our office).
2. Official transcripts
3. A resume


Student entering this graduate certificate program without an advanced in Pharmacy, Nursing or Medicine must meet the prerequisite courses for the College of Pharmacy's PharmD program located here. PharmD students need to complete at least the first year of course work to enter this certificate program.


  • PHA 6222 Pharmacy Practice Management (3)
  • PHA 6225 Invention, Innovations & Entrepreneurship (3)


  • GMS 6010 Personalized Medicine (3)
  • PHA 6449 Pharmacogenomics - Current and Future Prospects (3)
  • PHA 6146 Introduction to Nanotechnology (3)
  • PHA 6336 Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (3)
  • GMS 6183 Clinical Research Methods (3)
  • PHA 6797 Scientific Writing and Communication (1)
  • PHA 6277 Ethics in Pharmaceutical Practice and Research (1)

Time Limit

Students have 2 years to complete the certificate.

Credit toward Graduate Degree

Up to 12 hours of certificate course credits may be applied to a graduate degree with departmental approval.

Standardized Tests

GRE and PCAT scores can be used to demonstrate qualitative and quantitative skills and admission to this certificate program; however, they are NOT required for admission to this Graduate Certificate Program.


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