Biomedical Engineering


USF Pre-College Biomedical Engineering Program

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  • Non Credit
  • Residential Only

Target Audience

  • Rising juniors and seniors in high school interested in biomedical engineering or biomedical topics
  • Younger students may attend, but a grasp of basic Algebra is assumed


  • USF College of Engineering
  • USF College of Engineering Design for X (DFX) Laboratory


This six-day summer program for high school students provides a hands-on opportunity to work with USF's electrical and biomedical engineering faculty to discover how engineering and the human body come together. Students will learn how technology can be used to record and monitor biological signals from the body, and how to use those signals to create better tools and mainstream technology applications such as advanced sensors, diagnostics and prosthetics.

USF's biomedical engineers work with the Modular Prosthetic Limb, a new kind of robotic arm that patients can control with their minds. It's engineering so advanced, you may have difficulty deciding where the machine ends and the patient begins!

Students will be immersed in project-based learning within the USF College of Engineering Design for X (DFX) Laboratory and have opportunities to visit other active medical and engineering research labs on the USF Tampa campus, giving students first-hand access to cutting edge product research and design tools!

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about brain waves and how to intercept them to control a fellow student’s arm and mind, and how bionic limbs are made, tested and produced!
  • Measure and describe multiple biologic signals from your body such as EMG, EKG, EEG, blood pressure and heart rate, etc.
  • Learn about the process required to take an idea from research, to prototyping, and ultimately to market.
  • Design and print a 3D model using Fusion 360 and a Flashforge 3D Printer.
  • Simulate and construct an electronic lie detector system using tools from the DFX Laboratory and skills learned in the program.
  • Engage with current USF electrical, biomedical engineering faculty.
  • Explore current medical and engineering research labs on the USF campus.