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The Art of Filmmaking (Grades 10-12)

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In The Art of Filmmaking students will experiment with personal, creative and socially engaged approaches to digital video, sound and electronic art production. By doing this it will help to develop an electronic portfolio of creative digital media work required for college and scholarship applications, exhibitions, and future employment opportunities. Implement a variety of interpersonal skills needed for collaborative work in creative fields, especially in long-distance and remote production environments

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In this intensive week-long course, students dive into the art of filmmaking, learning the core components vital to crafting compelling films. They explore scriptwriting, cinematography, sound, lighting, and editing, gaining hands-on experience in each aspect. Collaboration forms the bedrock of their journey as they lean on each other's strengths to bring their creative visions to the screen. The course focuses not only on individual skill development but also on the dynamic synergy required in the collaborative filmmaking process.

Throughout the week, students apply their newly acquired knowledge and collective efforts toward producing their own original films. This hands-on approach allows them to experiment, learn from challenges, and hone their filmmaking craft. The climax of their endeavors arrives at the conclusion of the course, where the fruits of their labor are showcased in a special screening event. Friends and family gather to witness the creative outcomes, celebrating the students' dedication and the culmination of their immersive exploration into the world of filmmaking.

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Camp Information

Camp Director: Shawn Cheatham
Camp Location: USF Tampa
Grades Levels: 10th-12th grade

Contact Information

Phone Number: (813) 974-3355