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Upcoming Features and Changes

Focused Inbox

Focused Inbox is now available for use in Outlook, Outlook Web App and mobile devices. This updated feature replaces Clutter and sorts email into two categories. Important messages are prioritized for you in your Focused tab while less relevant automated or bulk email is filtered into the Other tab.

This feature can be turned on via Outlook Web App.  For detailed instructions go to

Modern Authentication

On Monday, February 19, USF will be enable Modern Authentication for its Office 365 users.  Modern Authentication includes a sign-in method that replaces the dialog box normally seen when prompted for credentials in Office applications such as Outlook. It is more than just a different look; it represents a change in the format and flow of data in the authentication and authorization process. Modern Authentication provides some features that older sign-in methods do not.  These features will mostly be invisible, but there are important improvements in security and reliability in the background.

Newer clients such as Outlook 2016 will have built-in support for modern authentication, while older clients will continue to authenticate with Office 365 using basic authentication.  The new login window will look similar to this:

365 login

Password Expiration Change Notice

As part of our continued efforts to enhance password security, on Monday, February 12th, IT will change the notification process for expiring passwords on USF Windows computers. Beginning 14 days prior to your password expiration, a pop-up reminder will display when you login with your NetID. If you choose not to update your password at that time, you will receive two more pop-up reminders at 5-minute intervals. Below is an example of what the pop-up will look like:

password notice

For questions on any changes listed here or on new features available, please contact the Service Desk (813-974-1222 or for additional assistance.