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Online Survey Tool Now Available for the USF Community

The USF Information Technology is pleased to announce the availability of Qualtrics, an online survey tool for the University of South Florida System faculty, staff and students. Qualtrics is easy-to-use and powerful enough to perform even the most sophisticated online research. With Qualtrics, survey creation is simple. You can easily collaborate on surveys with others and analyze results both inside and outside the platform. 

Additionally, Qualtrics recently launched the Insight Platform that includes new features and functionality. Current Qualtrics users will see new features and an easier to use interface. 

Faculty features and uses include

  • Academic Research
  • Class Quizzes
  • Classroom Learning
  • Course Feedback
  • Qualitative Research with Text Analytics
Qualtrics - an online survey tool

Staff features and uses include

  • Program Feedback
  • Campus Engagement

Student features and uses include

  • Conduct Academic Research
  • Enhance your Resume
  • Improve Class Projects
  • Run Club Event Registration / Feedback
  • Launch Field Studies

How do I use Qualtrics?

It’s easy! Go to and enter in your NetID and password. Specify that you are not an existing user. You will then always log in through

How do I learn how to use it?

Qualtrics has a great collection of self-help resources including:

If you have any questions about using Qualtrics, send an e-mail to