Policies and Standards

Digital Display Signage Standard

The UTSB/CIO has adopted standards for Digital Display Content Players/System at USF.

Definition: Digital display content players and software are components of electronic signage systems which control the content displayed on each video screen. It is important that all digital displays used across the university have the ability to display emergency broadcast information so that they can all be utilized for emergency notification purposes. Therefore, this standard is for the content delivery system and associated hardware. The actual video displays are not part of the standard at this time.

Vendor: Visix Corporation

Product: AxisTV Channel Players

Various Channel Players are available, from individual units which work with single displays, to multi-display units. At the present time, these are the following channel players noted on the Visix website:

  • Mini Form Factor Channel Player
  • Small Form Factor Channel Player
  • Rack-Mount Channel Player

Departments need only purchase the appropriate Channel Player for use with their selected video display screen and can utilize the University’s control system which is owned and maintained by Communications and Marketing.

Contact Department Technology Purchasing for more information.

Rational for Selecting: Visix is a leading digital signage vendor and was select by both USF Health and the Marshal Center for their digital signage needs. Since there are already a large number of displays already installed, continuing with a single vendor software package is the logical path. In this way, during emergency situations, Communications and Marketing can develop and distribute emergency notifications effectively and efficiently. Unless a standard is established, there will be many multiple system vendors, which will make utilization during emergencies much more difficult.