Policies and Standards

Encryption Standard

The CIO/UTSB has adopted standards for software whole disk encryption at USF.

According to Standard ISSP-0012, all laptops purchased by the University must have approved whole disk encryption installed.

Product:  PGP Whole Disk Encryption

PGP® Whole Disk Encryption provides enterprises with comprehensive, nonstop disk encryption for Microsoft and Apple Mac OS X, enabling quick, cost-effective protection for data on desktops, laptops, and removable media. The encrypted data is continuously safeguarded from unauthorized access, providing strong security for intellectual property, customer and partner data, and corporate brand equity.

Cost:  $50

Rational for Selecting:   PGP Whole Disk Encryption works on both PCs and Mac OS X computers.  It has a central server that allows for encryption key recovery in situations where a user forgets their password.