Policies and Standards

Personal Computers Standard

The CIO/UTSB has adopted standards for personal computers (laptops and desktops) purchased for USF employees.

Definition: In order for a Desktop or Laptop to be an approved system by the UTSB it must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The computer must be a system that will offer drivers for future O/S versions for at least 4 years after the purchase date of the system.
  • The USF Computer Store needs to have the ability to become an official service center for the manufacturer of the system.
  • The computer must work within the current IT imaging system. The vendor must supply demo  units for verification.

Vendor: Dell, Apple, HP

Approved Desktops (all Desktops must have a minimum of 2GB of ram, 120GB Hard Drive, and a DVD Player or Burner)

  •     Dell Optiplex Series
  •     Dell Precision Series
  •     HP DC7900 CMT
  •     IMac
  •     Mac Mini
  •     Mac Pro

 Approved Laptops (all systems must have a minimum of 2GB of ram where available)

  •     Dell Latitude Series
  •     Dell Precision Mobile Workstation series
  •     Mac Book
  •     Mac Book Pro
  •     Mac Book Air
  •     HP 2730
  •     HP 6930
  •     HP 8530
  •     HP Mini 2140 Netbook
According to Standard ISSP-0012, all laptops purchased by the University must have approved whole disk encryption installed.

Rational for Selecting: The Store is Dell, Apple, Sony, and HP certified. Dell is an existing standard in many areas on campus already. Some of the workstation support technicians are already Dell certified for doing warranty repairs.