IT Strategic Plan

Developing the Plan

One of the top priorities for the IT organization that the President of the USF System established was to create a Technology Strategic Plan which would align the priorities of the IT organization with the strategic goals of the USF System and its member institutions.  A Strategic Planning Team, representing all institutions of the USF System, was formed and they were charged with developing a strategic planning process, and documenting an IT Strategic Plan.

In addition to reviewing the missions and goals of all institutions within the USF System, input was gathered from students, faculty, and staff to determine the technology needs of the institutions over the next 3 years. Research was also performed to understand the trends in technology in Higher Education, through education consortiums and consultants, such as Educause, ECAR, and IBM’s Higher Education Division, in addition to input and evaluations of our peer institutions.

Analysis was conducted to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing IT today and into the future. The Strategic Planning Team assessed these key pieces of information and developed a “straw man” of the proposed IT Strategic Plan. The Council of Deans, IT Management Council, Student Technology Advisory Council, Associate Council of Deans, Regional Campus Representatives, and Business and Finance Leadership team, reviewed the “straw man” and provided feedback, resulting in the IT Strategic Plan for 2010 – 2015.

Next Steps

With the approval of the IT Strategic Plan by the EMC, operational plans have been developed within the IT organization to:

Primary and secondary measures will be selected and appropriate tracking systems, benchmarks and targets will be established for the measurements to demonstrate progress and achievement of the IT Strategic Plan.

The IT Strategic Plan will be reviewed on an annual basis and updated as needed to ensure alignment with the mission and strategic goals of the USF System and its member institutions.