IT Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals 1-8

Goal 1: Student Success

Enhance student success by providing “anywhere, anytime” access to 21st century learning tools and resources our students and faculty require to succeed.

Goal 2: Customer Service

Establish service management and communication processes that are responsive to our customers and drive increased satisfaction.

Goal 3: Research

Provide the research community with the technologies, resources, and administrative solutions for recognition as a major 21st century research university.

Goal 4: Administrative Effectiveness

Improve administrative efficiency and decision making by providing integrated administrative systems and information that enable streamlined processes and effective management.

Goal 5: Communication Strategy

Develop and deliver a consistent, branded, system-wide information technology communication plan that promotes awareness and use of IT services and encompasses the informational needs of various stakeholder groups.

Goal 6: IT Infrastructure

Establish a sustainable, secure, compliant, robust and reliable IT infrastructure that enables a consistent technology experience for all users.

Goal 7: Governance and Funding

Refine the governance structure and establish a funding strategy to effectively align and maximize IT resources to achieve the priorities of the USF System and its member institutions.

Goal 8: Employee Recruiting, Retention & Deve

Become a nationally recognized IT workplace through the attraction, development and retention of world-class personnel.