About Archivum

Why the name “Archivum”?

Why do I hear Appian and Archivum? What’s the difference?

Appian is the software company that makes the iBPM (intelligent Business Process Management) product that we are using. Archivum is the name of our Appian instance at USF.

Why "Archivum"?

Our inspiration for the name “Archivum” originated from one of our very first conversations with Bob Krammer, one of the four co-founders of Appian. Speaking with Krammer, we learned that the company was named after the ancient Roman road: Appian Way. This conversation stuck with us while coming up with a name for our own instance of Appian at USF. We had three ambitious criteria for the name:

  1. Retain the meaning of Appian’s naming origin
  2. Express what the software is and does at its core (records we can take actions upon)
  3. Embody the new and exciting things we are doing and will be doing with this tool within a University setting