About Bull Bucks


USF Bull Bucks is a campus declining balance program for all USF students, faculty and staff.

Participants add value to their own "account" which is linked to the USFCard (official university ID card). Bull Bucks will reduce the need to carry cash on campus and will provide an alternative to commercial bank cards. Parents can add value to student accounts online from home which will allow students to use the funds for incidentals at USF.

Bull Bucks is also the method of payment for copy/print and vending services found on the USF campuses.

Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

All USF students, faculty and staff who have a USFCard (ID card) will have a Bull Bucks account automatically set up on their behalf. To begin using Bull Bucks, simply go online to www.usf.edu/bullbucks, read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and add value to your account. For cardholders under 18, a parent or guardian must sign a copy of the Terms and Conditions available in the Cashier's Office in the Student Services Building, SVC 1039.

How do I add value to my account?

Students, faculty, and staff are able to add value to their account in several ways:

  • By going online to www.usf.edu/bullbucks
  • By inserting cash into "cash-to-account" kiosks located at these campus locations:
  • The Marshall Student Center
  • USF Library (Tampa Campus)
  • USF Health Shimberg Library
  • Parking Services (Main Tampa Office).

Are there limits on how much money I can have in my Bull Bucks account and how much I can spend?

The current maximum balance and deposit amount that my be applied to a Bull Bucks account is $1,000.00. In the interest of minimizing unauthorized transactions, Bull Bucks spending is currently limited to $25.00 per day for unattended transactions (printing, copying, etc.). Overall spending is limited to $600.00 per day.

Where can I use Bull Bucks?

Bull Bucks are currently accepted at a variety of locations in Tampa, St Petersburg and Sarasota-Manatee. Visit Locations Accepted for a complete list.

Why doesn't the Cashier's Office accept Bull Bucks as a form of payment?

The Bull Bucks program is intended for the purchase of goods and services on the USF campus. Each merchant makes an individual decision whether or not to accept Bull Bucks or other forms of payment. Bull Bucks was not intended as a means to pay for tuition and fees.

What do I do if I lose my USFCard?

Your USFCard should be treated like cash, and care should be taken to ensure that it is not lost, stolen, or damaged. If you lose your USFCard, you can deactivate the Bull Bucks account online at www.usf.edu/bullbucks. Lost cards should also be reported to the USFCard Center immediately. Return found cards to the USFCard Center, located in SVC 1032. If you find your card before replacing it, you may reactivate it in person at the Cashier's Office in SVC 1039 during normal operating hours. If you do not find your card, you must purchase a replacement card at the USFCard Center.