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Bull Bucks Terms and Conditions


  1. Cardholder - The cardholder is the owner of the Bull Bucks account and is the person identified on the USFCard. The term "cardholder" shall not refer to a person in possession of another individual's card.
  2. Guest cards - Guest cards are intended to provide visitors of the University of South Florida (USF) access to services accepting Bull Bucks as payment. Guest cards store prepaid value but do not serve as a form of identification, and therefore, are not associated with a particular account owner.
  3. Third party - A third party is any individual or entity other than the account owner. Third parties include, but are not limited to, parents of students.
  4. Merchant - A merchant is a retail location that accepts Bull Bucks as a form of payment for goods or services.

Nature of Accounts

  1. Bull Bucks are non-transferable.
  2. Cardholders are responsible for all purchases and debits made using their Bull Bucks account.
  3. Provided they remain in active status (refer to Inactive Accounts below), Bull Bucks account balances continue from semester to semester and do not expire.

Guest Cards

  1. Guest cards are limited to a $25.00 balance.


  1. Refund requests are accepted upon separation (graduation, withdrawal, retirement, resignation, termination, etc.) from USF. Proof of separation may be required. There will be no cash withdrawals or refunds from active Bull Bucks accounts.
  2. To be eligible for a refund, the Bull Bucks account must have a minimum balance of $1.00.
  3. A Bull Bucks Refund Request form must be submitted to the Cashier's Office in the Student Services Building, SVC 1039.
  4. In cases where a Bulls Bucks account may still be active, the request may be delayed until the account is closed and it is confirmed that all activity is complete.
  5. Refunds will be processed in accordance with USF banking policy. Accordingly, refunds will be made by credit to the remitter in the case of credit card payments and check to the remitter or student as determined appropriate by the University. The refund method will be based on the last transaction adding value to the Bull Bucks card.
  6. At USF's discretion, cardholders separating from USF who have an outstanding debt may have any remaining Bull Bucks applied toward such debt.
  7. Cash refunds will not be issued for returned merchandise purchased using Bull Bucks. The Bull Bucks account will be credited for the amount of the refund. Merchandise returns are subject to the return policy of the merchant.

Inactive Accounts

  1. Bull Bucks accounts with no transaction history during a twelve-month period will be considered inactive and will be assessed an inactivity fee.
  2. The amount of the inactivity fee will be the lesser of $10.00 or the remaining balance.
  3. This inactivity fee will be applied to inactive accounts annually for a period of three years or until the balance is fully depleted, whichever comes first.
  4. After 3 years of inactivity, Bull Bucks accounts will be deactivated and any remaining balances will be forfeited.

Holding Cards

  1. The holding of USFCards by a merchant for any purpose other than processing transactions is strictly prohibited. USFCards are to be treated as any other bank card and should not be withheld from the owner. Please contact the Bull Bucks manager to report the holding of a USFCard by a merchant.
  2. Cards may be confiscated, however, in the event the presenter of a card cannot be identified as the owner.

Lost Card/Replacement Card Issues

  1. If a card is lost, the cardholder is responsible for deactivating the Bull Bucks account online at www.usf.edu/bullbucks. If a card is found before a replacement card has been issued at the USFCard Center, the cardholder may reactivate the account in person at the Cashier's Office during normal working hours. Online deactivation only applies to the Bull Bucks declining balance account and Dining Services account(s) and does not prohibit other functions of the card. Please contact Residence Services and/or the USFCard Center as appropriate concerning other functions.
  2. The cardholder is responsible for any Bull Bucks transactions made on the USFCard prior to deactivation.
  3. Please refer to the USFCard Center website for replacement card policies.

Deposit and Spending Limits

  1. 1. The current maximum balance and deposit amount that may be applied to a Bull Bucks account is $1,000.00.
  2. Funds deposited by check may not be available for 7-10 business days. Should USF agree to make funds available prior to processing, the cardholder agrees that he or she will be liable to USF if the check is returned unpaid. Returned checks will be charged a $25.00 returned check fee.
  3. In the interest of minimizing unauthorized transactions, Bull Bucks spending is currently limited to $25.00 per day for unattended transactions (printing, copying, etc.). Overall spending is limited to $600.00 per day.

Shortages and Negative Amounts

  1. Cardholders are responsible for tracking Bull Bucks expenditures. Attempting a purchase when there are insufficient funds in the Bull Bucks account will normally result in a denied transaction. In the event a system malfunction or human error results in a debit that exceeds the balance in the account, the cardholder understands and agrees to be liable for any shortages or negative balance amounts. The cardholder agrees to repay any shortage or negative balance promptly.
  2. USF may offset a negative balance against subsequent deposits to the account.
  3. USF reserves the right to close accounts based on excessive shortages or negative balance occurrences.

Liability for Failure to Make Transfers

If USF does not properly complete a transfer to or from an account holder's account, USF will not be liable for such failure if:

  1. Through no fault of USF, the account has insufficient funds;
  2. Circumstances beyond the control of USF prevent the transfer, including but not limited to hurricane, fire, flood or other catastrophe; legal acts of public authorities; strikes; riots; failure of communications or power supply or mechanical difficulties with equipment which could not be reasonably foreseen or provided against;
  3. The account has been suspended to prevent unauthorized use;
  4. There may be other exceptions.

Problem Resolution

  1. Disputes related to a specific receipt or transaction amount should be directed to the merchant where the transaction originated.
  2. USF reserves the right to make corrections to Bull Bucks accounts if it believes a clerical or accounting error occurred.
  3. If a cardholder believes an error occurred on the account, the Cashier's Office must be notified in writing within 60 days of the transaction. If the Cashier's Office is not notified within 60 days of the discrepancy, the cardholder will be liable for the charges.
  4. When reporting discrepancies, the following items must be provided: (1) cardholder name and U number, (2) description of the transaction in question and a clear explanation of the discrepancy, and (3) the dollar amount of the transaction.


  1. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), USF will only disclose information to third parties as necessary to verify the status of accounts, to complete transactions initiated by cardholders, to comply with government agency or court orders, or with the written permission of the cardholder.
  2. Third parties are prohibited from using account information in any way other than providing services as part of their agreement with USF.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time at the discretion of USF.
  2. Any changes made to Bull Bucks Terms and Conditions will apply to all accounts and will supersede all prior Terms and Conditions.
  3. Updated policies and procedures will be posted on the Bull Bucks website. The website is considered the means of notification, and no other notifications will be provided.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, the laws of the United States, the rules and regulations of the Federal Reserve board and all other applicable laws and regulations.

By accepting these terms and conditions online, the cardholder verifies that he or she is at least 18 years of age. For cardholders under 18, a parent or guardian must sign a copy of the Terms and Conditions available in the Cashier's Office in the Student Services Building, SVC 1039.