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Who we are

Client Systems supports university faculty by providing audiovisual service and resources including 150 media rich classrooms to accommodate instructional needs.

Additionally, Client Systems supports the delivery of instruction using video streaming, video production, and videoconferencing options. When not supporting faculty in the academic classroom, Client Systems extends its resources and services to the broader university community on a fee basis.

Technology classrooms can be scheduled by contacting the Office of Academic Space Planning & Assignment, at

Media Enhanced Classrooms

150 general use classrooms are equipped with instructional technology. Equipment packages range from a full product suite consisting of a data projector, desktop PC with internet access and electronic annotation, DVD/VCR deck, document camera and sound system to a more basic set-up such as a data projector and desktop PC.


USF is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Institution. ADA accessible teaching stations are available throughout the General Use Classrooms. If any faculty has a disability and requires an ADA accessible teaching station, contact your department's scheduler prior to the deadline listed in the Class Scheduling Timetable. This Timetable is found at

Rooms include: CIS 1045 | CIS 1047 | CPR 460 | EDU 258 | PED 104 | SOC 159

Additionally, General Use Auditoria are equipped with Assistive Listening Devices. For more information, contact Audiovisual Event Services at (813) 974-2874.

Enhanced Learning Technologies

Client Systems provides the technology and infrastructure to facilitate Distance Learning. Several classrooms are designed to support videoconferencing and video streaming. These classrooms can be scheduled by contacting Client Systems at (813) 974-2874. For information on Telecourse licensing and Distance Learning coordination services, including listings in local, state and national distance learning catalogs, contact Innovative Education at (813) 974-7984